Very few real estate opportunities give an investor a chance to turn a profit as fast and as lucrative as a fix and flip does. When you find that property that is priced right and you know that with a little work, that property can be sold for a tidy profit, the time to take advantage is right now! Infinity Capital works with multiple lenders that specialize in Fix and Flips.

We will match your property and your profile with the right lender to make the transaction fast and efficient and the most cost-effective.

Infinity Capital’s team of lenders offers interest-only purchase loans with up to 90% of the purchase covered and 100% of the rehab included. Let us show you how to complete a project and always use SOMEBODY ELSE’S MONEY!

Infinity Capital worked with me every step of the way on my latest fix and flip. Not only did they find me the financing that I needed, but they also helped me structure the deal in a way that I had never thought of. These guys go way beyond the lending process.

Michael S. – Abilene, TX



Long-Term Rentals are a great way to create an income stream that is either your primary income or passive. Infinity Capital will be your financial partner and ensure that you are able to maximize your net profit from every property. Being able to borrow the maximum amount at the lowest rate is the key to success in Real Estate. Infinity Capital has the expertise to guide you through this process.

The key to successful long-term rental success is finding the right property and financing it the right way. Infinity Capital will utilize its lender network to ensure the best rate and term for the borrower. With rates as low as 3.75% and terms up to 30 years, Infinity Capital will be your financial partner for all of your real estate investment needs.

I was buying my first investment property. Dane and his team at Infinity walked me through every step of the lending process and answered every question that I had. I can’t imagine going through it without them.

Lisa S. Des Moines, Iowa



Vacation Rentals have proven to be an incredible way to maximize the profitability of your real estate investment. Only select lenders understand this niche in the market and Infinity Capital has relationships with some of the very best. Let us walk you through the Short-Term Rental financing with hands-on expertise.

Vacation Rentals can take the form of a condo on a beach, an A-frame at a beautiful lake, or a million-dollar property nestled inside the smokey mountains. Infinity Capital has worked with all three and we understand how valuable these assets can be. Our lenders offer up to 85% of the purchase price and rates as low as 4%.

“I had located a property that would be a perfect vacation rental. The price was right, the location was perfect, but I couldn’t find a lender that understood what I was trying to do. When I called Infinity Capital, they were excited about my opportunity and told me they had the perfect lender for a property like this. They took all the stress out of the deal leaving me to concentrate on marketing my new property.

Edmund G. – Phoenix, AZ



Real Estate investors are uniquely positioned to hold assets that have a tremendous value. Accessing that value is not always a simple process. Infinity Capital has worked with its group of lenders to develop plans that allows investors to take cash out of their investments to grow their portfolio, settle debt, or even invest in another industry.

Other investors see the market changing and realize they need to capitalize on the historic low rates that are now available. Infinity Capital’s team of real estate professionals will find the best possible rate for every situation to maximize profitability.

Cash-Out ReFi’s are available on any long-term mortgage, even vacation properties, that have equity. All of this can be done with no money down from the investor.

“I was stuck in a long-term mortgage at a rate didn’t leave me a lot of room to make money on my rent house. Infinity Capital took my property to one of their lenders and literally cut the rate in half. They even got me cashback that I used to pay off some other debt that I had. It’s amazing what my account looks like at the end of the month now. I never knew I could do this.”

Maria – Nashville, TN



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