Infinity Capital has seen its clients utilize working capital gained through our relationship in a myriad of ways.

A real estate investor, who focuses on fixes and flips, uses the credit lines procured to pay for the purchase and rehab of investment properties. They make minimum monthly payments until the property is sold and once sold, they pay off the credit lines and are prepared to do it again. This strategy, effectively, makes the investor a cash buyer saving time and money and never missing that hot deal, all while never diving into the client’s cash reserves.

The availability of additional working capital that Infinity was able to secure for a long-term client in the oil and gas industry allowed that client to overcome a 30-day period with no income during COVID. Because the credit lines were in place, this client was able to pay all of their bills and maintain their payroll. They knew this was a temporary hurdle and because the funds were there, they experienced no interruption in operations.

“I’ve been a real estate investor for the past 4 years. I had a good credit score but no business credit at all. My average deal saw the lender funding 70% of my purchases. After forming a relationship with Infinity Capital, they were able to raise my credit score from good to great and they even walked me through building my business credit. Now, instead of funding 70%, the lenders are funding 80% of my purchases. My average home price is $250,000 so, in real money, just focusing on my credit score means that instead of putting $75,000 down on every property, I now put down $50,000. Saving $25,000 upfront on every deal I do is a game changer and I would have never known who to do this if not for Infinity Capital!

Randy S. Birmingham, AL



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